Brick Wars

In the winter of 2014, members of SLUG took part in a televised competition show.  Over two days, Brick Wars was filmed at the Access 7 Communications studios.

The premise of the show was to put builders skills to the test!  Two teams of talented builders would be given the same LEGO set to work with, a theme to build and a time limit.  The final products were evaluated by our judge, Christopher Ursu.

Each team would face each other once, then they were placed in the finals!  The winning team received the Brick Wars Cup!

Here are the teams!

Big Brick Theory

Ray Jacobs
Trent Reddekopp

Sirs Bricks-a-lot

Adam Dodge
Chris Workman

Studs on Top

Tom Dreyer
Ray Morton


Andre Lalonde
Scott Stastiuk

All episodes of Brick Wars have been added to the Access 7 Communications Youtube channel!  View them below!

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