Brickery is an annual showcase of LEGO creations hosted by the Saskatchewan LEGO Users Group in Estevan.  This opportunity allows our members the to display in the south-east corner of the province, as is the only show of it's kind in the region.  Here, we display numerous creations of various themes which might have made it to previous shows, and some that are unique to this event.
Check out our photos from past Brickery showcases

Where is Brickery?

Our show is held in the Seniors Center of the Souris Valley Leisure Center in Estevan.

When is Brickery?

This year's show will be held on Saturday, November 3rd. 

SLUGcraft Challenge
The SLUGcraft Challenge was established as a stand-alone challenge held in Estevan each year.  Each member of SLUG is encouraged to build for the challenge, which changes each year.  The challenge builds are put on display for the visiting public to vote upon.  It's winner receives a keeper trophy for their efforts.

Building Challenge #5: Literal Idiom

Challenge: Build an idiom (a figurative expression) out of LEGO bricks.
Winner: Jason Meyer

Building Challenge #4: What's your fear?

Challenge: Build something that depicts a fear or phobia.
Winner: Jillian Ursu

Building Challenge #3: Something 'Crafty'

Challenge: Build something that has 'Craft' in the title.
Winner: Adam Dodge

Building Challenge #2: Holiday Calamity

Challenge: Build a creation showing a mishap during the holidays.
Winner: Waylon Klix

Building Challenge #1: Christmas Movie Scene

Challenge: Recreate a scene from a well-known holiday movie.
Winner: Adam Dodge

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