Happy 150th Anniversary Canada!

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada, SLUG embarked upon a large-scale collaboration.  The idea of the project was to create a large topographical map with micro-builds representing landmarks from different regions of the country!

Brick requirements of the map designed by Jim Jo.

Members from the group chose 32x32 stud sections of the map to recreate with different heights of bricks and plates modelling the landscape.  These all came together for the first time at our first show of 2017.  As well, a series of  micro-builds were selected to represent a significant landmark or historical pieces from a region.  These too were chosen by the members to build and be placed on the map.

A Canadian Submarine, patrolling arctic waters.
Built by Jim Jo

An icebreaker patrolling our Northern Waterways.
Built by Adam Dodge

A Mountie, keeping order across the country.
Built by Colby Goss

A Totem Pole, found along the West Coast.
Built by Adam Dodge

The Parliament building for British Columbia.
Built by Waylon Klix

An oil derrick, found across much of the country.
Built by Caleb Flutur

The Parliament Building of Saskatchewan.
Built by Scott Stasiuk

The CN Tower of Toronto.
Built by Adam Dodge

An off-shore trap used to catch crab and lobster.
Built by Adam Dodge

A lighthouse used on our Eastern coast.
Built by Jeff Beaton

A dogsled team mushing across the tundra.
Built by Wes Rempel

An Inukshuk, made to mark the people of the North.
Built by Rick Martens

The Sign Post Forest of Watson Lake, Yukon.
Built by Adam Dodge

A teepee, once a regular home to many on the plains.
Built by Jim Jo

Dinosaur bones, found in southern Alberta.
Built by Adam Dodge

A combine, for harvesting carefully grown crops.
Built by Caleb Flutur

A red river cart used by many Metis people.
Built by Adam Dodge

Habitat '67 of Montreal.
Built by Nicole Gent

Some 'Jelly Bean'houses, found in St. John's.
Built by Christopher Ursu

The Shediac Lobster statue. 
Built by Adam Dodge

Mirco-landmarks managed by Adam Dodge.

Our map, celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary, will be making stops at Hobby, Train and LEGO events across the province and the country during the course of 2017!

February 25-26 - Saskatoon, SK - seen by ~4500 people!

April 1-2 - Prince Albert, SK - seen by ~550 people!

April 21-23 - Vancouver, BC - seen by ~6000 people!

May 6-7 - Regina, SK - seen by ~1000 people!

July 8-11 -  Toronto, ON - seen by ~6000 people!

July 29-30 - Moose Jaw, SK - seen by ~3400 people!

August - Edmonton, AB - seen by ~4000 people!

August - Red Deer, AB - seen by ~3000 people!

October 28 - Estevan, SK - seen by ~400people!

All together, our map was seen by
almost 30,000 people in 4 Provinces!


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