This page is dedicated to recognizing the achievements of individuals from the Saskatchewan LEGO Users Group and the group as a whole.

The S.L.U.G. Challenge

The Chris Workman
Memorial Cup

The Chris Workman Memorial Cup is awarded to the winner of the S.L.U.G. Challenge.  We hold this contest 3 times a year at various shows across the province!  Each member of SLUG is encouraged to build for the challenge, which changes each time it is hosted.  The challenge builds are put on display for the visiting public to vote upon.  The winner is also awarded a keeper trophy, custom made for each challenge (at right).

The Chris Workman Memorial Cup replaced the S.L.U.G. cup (below) that was introduced with the challenges began.

Building Challenge #23: Pop Culture Object

Challenge: Being voted on at the Comic Expo in Saskatoon, members were challenged to build an object from Pop Culture.  Size and Fandom is up to them!



Building Challenge #22: Three

Challenge: Builders were given the theme of 'Three" as the basis for their creations.  These builds would be shown at three events to be voted on by three sets of public visitors.

WinnerAdam Dodge

Building Challenge #21: Video Game Scene

Challenge: Use that pause button SLUGgers!  Members were challenged to recreate a scene from a video game!  This was voted on at the Comic Expo in Saskatoon!

WinnerJason Meyer

Building Challenge #20: 1:1 Scale Food

Challenge: Create something you could eat, at a one-to-one scale, out of bricks!  To be shown and voted on at the Regina Model Train Show!

WinnerJim Jo

Building Challenge #19: Pop Culture Brickheadz

Challenge: Build a pair of characters from Pop Culture in the style of LEGO's new brick-built characters Brickheadz!  Presented and voted on at the Saskatoon Comic Expo!

WinnerKylee Forsyth

Building Challenge #18: Canada 150

Challenge: Build a creation to celebrate our country's 150th Anniversary of Confederation!  Them and size is left up to the builder.  To be displayed and voted on at BRICKSPO!

WinnerRay Morton

Building Challenge #17: Kinetic Sculpture

Challenge: Build a creation that, when hooked up to a LEGO motor, will move!  Displayed at the Prairie Rail Workshop Model Train Show in Saskatoon.

WinnerRay Morton

Building Challenge #16: Brickcan Event Kit

Challenge: Build a playable 'set' of around 200 pieces based on a Canadian theme.  Displayed at the Saskatoon Comic Expo.

WinnerAdam Dodge

Building Challenge #15: 1:1 Scale Object

Challenge: Find a real-world object and recreate it in a 1:1 scale in LEGO.  Displayed and voted on at BRICKSPO 2016 in Moose Jaw.

WinnerTrent Reddekopp

Building Challenge #14: Star Wars re-theme

Challenge: Choose a vehicle from the Star Wars universe and build it using a LEGO theme (ex: Castle, Friends, CHIMA)!  Displayed and voted on at the Prairie Rail Workshops Model Train Show in Saskatoon.
WinnerRay Morton 

 Building Challenge #13: Monster Mash

Challenge: Choose an official LEGO set (less than 300 pieces) and Monsterfy it!  Displayed and voted on at the RPL Geek Summit.
Winner: Adam Dodge 

 Building Challenge #12: Pair Dare

Challenge: Build a creation of any size or theme using only two kinds of LEGO element (ex. 2x4 bricks and 1x2 bricks).  Displayed and voted on at BRICKSPO 2015.
Winner: Scott Stasiuk

 Building Challenge #11: Hot Wheels

Challenge: Recreate a Hot Wheels car, any scale necessary, out of LEGO Bricks!  To be displayed at the 2015 Prairie Rail Workshop Train Show in Sasaktoon.
WinnerRay Jacobs

Building Challenge #10: Opposites

Challenge: Build a creation showcasing two opposing ideas to be dislayed at the 2014 Regina Model Train Show.
Winner: Ray Morton

Building Challenge #9: Off the Wall

Challenge: Build a creation of something that would be hung on a wall.  This challenge was created for BRICKSPO 2014.
Winner: Ray Morton

Building Challenge #8: Seed Part Challenge

Challenge: Build a creation of any theme featuring the Collectible Minifigure Base.  These were shown at the 2014 Saskatoon Model Train Show.
Winner: Karen Simpson

Building Challenge #7: Series 11 Vehicle

Challenge: Create a vehicle for the layout of the 2013 Regina Model Train Show based on one of the 16 Series 11 Collectable Minifigures.
Winner: Ray Morton

Building Challenge #6: One-Colour creation

Challenge: At BRICKSPO 2013, create an awesome creation using only one colour of Lego elements.  Base must not exceed 32x32 studs.
Winner: Ray Morton

Building Challenge #5: Draft Set build

Challenge: At the Saskatoon Train Show, build an awesome creation using only the pieces from set 70004, Wakz's Pack Tracker.
Winner: Ray Jacobs  

Building Challenge #4: Seed Part Challenge

Challenge: Use a Lego brick separator in a minifigure-less creation of any size or theme.
Due to the cancellation of the 2012 Regina Model Train Show this challenge was not able to be voted upon, so no winner could be declared.

Building Challenge #3: Give a fig a Home

Challenge: At BRICKSPOcreate a 'home' for any one of the 112 Collectable Minifigures, built on a 32x32 baseplate.
Winner: Scott Stasiuk  

Building Challenge #2: Series 5 Vignette

Challenge: Create a 16x16 stud vignette for the 2011 Regina Model Train Show based on one of the 16 Series 5 Collectable Minifigures.
Winner: Adam Dodge  

Building Challenge #1: Bricktober Parade Float

Challenge: Build a parade float for the 2011 Moose Jaw Train Show using one of the four 2010 'Bricktober' minifigs.
Winner: Ray Morton

Since the Saskatchewan LEGO Users Group participates in many Train and Hobby shows throughout the province,
we are eligible to win show awards.  Below are a few of the awards we have been honoured to receive.

There are a number of different LEGO conventions held arcoss the continent and around the world!  From time-to-time, members of the Saskatchewan LEGO Users Group are fortunate enough to attend these shows, and even more fortunate to win awards at these events!  Below is a chronological listing of events members have attended, and the accolades they have received there.

SLUG members - Best Make Believe Build

Adam Dodge

- Best Creature / Character

Ray Morton, Jim Jo, Adam Dodge, Karen Simpson, Scott Stasuik
- Best Brickscape and Best in Show Honourary Mention

Adam Dodge - - It Must be Love and The Kirby


Ray Jacobs- Best in Technic

Scott Stasiuk- Most Delightful

Adam Dodge
- Best Small Steampunk

- Best Micro Moonbase

- Filet Mignon - Best use of Pigs and Cows

Adam Dodge

- Best Miniland Fig

Adam Dodge

- Speed Mosaic Build event

- Speed Sort event