Regina Model Train Show
Regina, October

Note: Due to the cancellation of the show, we were not able to participate in the Regina Model Train Show (October 13-14) 

Moose Jaw, July

BRICKSPO was our first stand-alone showcase! We had 12 builder's attend our show with creations from Ray M., Ley, Trent, Trevor (from SALUG), Adam, Scott, Caleb,Chris, Ray J., Linda, AndreWes and Nathan!  This was our chance to bring out more than 270 of our creations!

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Train and Hobby Show
Prince Albert, May

The P.A. show allows us to showcase not only our train layouts, but other creations as well.  Ray J.'s movie cars were in attendance, as was Nathan and Ley's Area 51 layout.  Adam brought a Western train town and some other creations!

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Thunder Creek Train Show
Moose Jaw, March

For our third appearance at this show, seven AFOL's created a layout with over 90' of track.  Chris started things with a town display which continued into Adam's Superhero city under seige.  A wooden bridge brought things into Scott's elevated city square.  Nathan and Ley's epic Area 51 display returned to sit beside Ray M.'s alien vacation scene.  Ray J. brought his movie cars to display with Nathan's collection of miniland vehicles.

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Prairie Rail Workshop
Saskatoon, March

One of our largest layouts to date!  This build from eight different AFOL's spanned 48' long by (in some places) 16' wide!  Ray M., Nathan and Ley took on space-themed displays.  Scott, Andre and Linda provided different examples of the City theme.  Adam took a more Western approach.  Ray J. and Nathan provided some mini-land scale vehicles to round out the display and it's 24' long bridge!

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