Estevan, November

This was our first stand-alone show in Estevan!  We had many builds from Chris, Waylon, Jillian, Scott, Jim, Ray M., Ray J., Jenn, Adam , Caleb, Rick, Colby, Lorelie, Jeff and Nicole.  Hopefully, it will become an annual tradition in the energy city!

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Ignite! Festival

Regina, October

SLUG took part in this third annual event with creations by Trent, Caleb, Sharif, JeffLorelie, Trevor and Ray J.!

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Comic Expo

Saskatoon, September

This was our first appearance at the Comic Expo in Saskatoon!  We had a large showing of nerdy creations with Tom, Ray M., Ray J., Jeff, Jim, Blake, Adam, Rick, Lorelie, Caleb, Andre, Trent, Nicole, Karen, Scott and Linda in attendance!  We also hosted a building area, with a number of kids making some cool creations!

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Moose Jaw, July

Our fifth annual showcase of creations was our largest to date!  39 builders from SLUG, MBLug, AIMBOT and SALUG brought hundreds of creations for the public to see!

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Regina, July

Our first showing at this Amine-based event saw creations from Adam, Colby, Jim, Jeff and Lorelie!

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Prince Albert Hobby Show

Prince Albert, May

We returned to the PA Hobby show this spring with creations by Adam, Wes, Andre, Caleb, Dave, Blake, Jeff, Scott, Ray M., Lorelie, Tom,  Adele, Ley and Ray J.

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Majestics Car Show

Regina, April 

Our second appearance at the big car show saw a number of builds from Lorelie, Wes, Ray J., Adam, Waylon, Scott, Jeff, David, Caleb, Trevor, and Trent!  We also built a large Minecraft display with bricks from the LEGO Group!

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Thunder Creek Model Train Show
Moose Jaw, March

SLUG returned to the show with a ~ 53' display of multiple themes!  Layouts were created by Wes, Jeff, Caleb, Scott, Ray M., Lorelie, Chris, Trent, Adam, and Waylon.  There were also a number of stand-alone displays by Andre, Jim, Ray J. and Joel

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 Prairie Rail Workshop Model Train Show
Saskatoon, February

The 32nd running of Train Show saw our largest layout to date!  Chris and Waylon's Moonbase sat next to Scott and Ray M's Pirate ships, while Trent, Jeff and Lorelie's WWII siege sat next to Adam and Caleb's Western town.  All were circled by Andre and Dave's city train display.  Other creations by Ray J. and Jim helped to round out the group's layout! 

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