Moose Jaw, July

The seventh year of our annual showcase saw 45 participants come from around the province, Alberta and Manitoba!  We displayed hundreds of incredible creations throughout the show.

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Regina Railfest Model Train Show
Regina, May

We were at the Railfest in Regina once again with a gigantic display of trains and other creations!  Our Harry Potter layout by Kylee, Nicole, Tom, Andre, Caleb, Ray J., Adam, Jim, Trent, Trevor and Lorelie was on display, as well or our WWII display by Scott, Jeff and Trent.  Builds by Tim, Jim, Jason B., Ray M., Adam, Jenn, Jason M., Wes, Kylee, Melissa and Ray J. were also featured!

Majestics Car Show
Regina, April

Our third appearance at Regina's premiere car show saw tables full of creations by Rick, Wes, David, Jeff, Caleb, Lorlie, Ray, Trent and Waylon. 

Prince Albert Hobby Show
Prince Albert, April

We had a small showing at the Hobby Show this year, lead by Jayson with some additional creations by Adam. 

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Thunder Creek Model Train Show
Moose Jaw, March

We returned to the annual Train Show in Moose Jaw through some pretty crummy weather.  Due to this, we were without a number of members and their excellent builds.  

Regardless, we displayed our WWII display with areas by Jeff and Scott, as well as our Harry Potter display by Lorelie, Adam, Ray M., Trevor, Ray J., Karen, Andre, Caleb, Jim and Kylee.  There were numerous other creations on display, built by Adele, Ray J., Caleb and Adam. 

Prairie Rail Workshop Train Show
Saskatoon, February

We showcased an incredible display at this year's train show with a massive Harry Potter display by Kylee, Lorelie, Tom, Andre, Adam, Caleb, Jim, Trevor, Ray M., Ray J., NicoleKaren and Trent.  Also on display was a Flak Tower display by Jeff, as well as a number of other creations by Jayson, Rick and others. 

View pictures of the show at:

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