Saskatchewan Lego Users Group's biggest event of the year is a little over five weeks away!

As we've mentioned before, we'll have LOTS of creations by our members.  Almost every theme, and then some, will be represented!  We're also going to hold our third group building challenge!  For this, we decide upon something to build and our efforts are voted on by the viewing public.  for our third challenge, we've chosen...
Give a fig a home!

Build something that a collectible Lego minifigure would call 'home'.

- choose any one of the 112 collectible minifigs from series' 1 - 7

- use a 32x32 baseplate (there is no height restriction)

- build something that would represent a 'home' for that fig

- other figs may be used, but the house should CLEARLY belong to one of them

- the house does not have to fill the plate, lawn area is acceptable

All entries should be on display by the opening of BRICKSPO on Saturday, July 28th and remain on display for the duration of the show. The winner will be determined by public voting from visitors to the show.  The entry with the most votes by the end of BRICKSPO on Sunday, July 29th will be awarded the SLUG cup.  They will have possession of the cup until the next building challenge (whenever that may be).