With 50 days left to go before BRICKSPO, it is time that we announced this year's building challenge!  This will be our group's sixth building challenge (and one of at least 3 at the show) and will be voted on by visitors to the show.  Our 6th challenge is... a ONE COLOUR BUILD challenge!

The idea for this challenge is to build something our of Lego using only one colour.  Whether the creation is a car, or a house, or an abstract sculpture it has to be made using only one colour of Lego elements.  Lego makes a number of different colours and shades of pieces, so this means that if someone is using green, they may not use lime green, dark green, or sand green... just green.

Creations made may be no more that 32 studs in either length or width, but may be as tall as desired.

These creations will be viewable during the two days of BRICKSPO and can be voted on by the viewing public!  Each vote cast has a chance to win a Lego set as our way of saying 'thank you' for voting.

So come out to the show and see the wide range of creations from this challenge and for the show!  Hope to see you there!