This past weekend was our second annual showcase, BRICKSPO at the Western development Museum in Moose Jaw!  We had a total of 14 builders take part in the show, including two visiting non-members.  Over 350 creations were on display for the over 2400 public visitors!

We ran some events for our attending builders including inaugural 9v Minifig jousting and Wacky Races!  Here is a run-down of our winners:
9v Minifig Jousting - Karen D.
Wacky Racers Best Looks - Chris U.
Wacky Racers Distance - Trent R.
Wacky Racers Durability - Ray J.
Wacky Racers Jump and Run - Ray M.
Wacky Racers Best Overall - Ray M.
SLUG Building Challenge - Ray M.

It was a great weekend with a good response from the visitors!  We're already looking forward to next year's show, July 26-27, 2014!