The Regina Model Train Show is coming up soon and we are inviting all members to participate in a building challenge!  This will be our second such challenge at a train show.  This show's challenge involves the newly released Series 5 Collectable Minifigs!  The task is to create a vignette to showcase one of the 16 Series 5 minifigs

Here are the rules:

1. Your vignette must have a 16x16 base.  You can use a baseplate, plates or bricks, but the base itself cannot exceed 16x16.

2. There is no height restriction for this challenge, so fell free to go as high as you want!

3. You are allowed an overhang of no more than 4 studs on each side.  This means that you shouldn't have anything (bricks, minifigs, flags, fire, etc.) to exceed four studs.

4. The Series 5 minifig you use is up to you.  You can use other minifigs, even ones from previous collectable series', but the Seris 5 figs must be the focus.  Everything you build should relate to the minifig and they should be displayed prominently in the vignette.

5. Keep the use of fire to a minimum!  Some fire is fine, but a blazing inferno is not needed.  There are no firefighters in this series, so keep it down! [background: use of fire, we've found, is a sure winner in both Lego builds and country music videos, therefore, it's a bit of an unfair advantage.]


All the built entries will be on display during the two days of the Regina Model Train Show.  We will invite the visiting public to vote on our entires during both days of the show.  We will offer the chance to win a set ( to the public to encourage voting.  


The winner of the challenge will receive the SLUG Cup!  They will hold onto the cup until our next building challenge.  Their acheivement will also be recorded on the Hall of Fame page here on the website!

That's it!  You only have until October 15th, so