Our BRICKSPO building challenge was a hit with seven... and then eight, entires!  Thoughts now turn to future challenges with the next one being for our Regina Train Show appearance (after that Saskatoon, and then BRICKSPO again).

This is going to be a SEED PART CHALLENGE!  The challenge: build something which features a specific Lego piece.  Your piece to use is: Lego brick seperator!

- use the new, the old, or both brick seperators for your creation
- use as many or as little as you need for your creation
- the brick seperator should be a feature or integral piece to your creation
- your creation can be any size with no height or width restrictions
- your creation can be built for a minifigure, but should not contain any full minifigures
- your creation will need to be on display at the Regina Model Train Show for the duration of the weekend

Good luck and keep building!