This past weekend (October 4-6) one of the largest LEGO conventions in North America took place in Seattle WA.: Brickcon.  This event is attended by hundreds of people each year from around the country and the world.  A long-time attendee of this event is our own Ley Ward.

Ley has been attending this event for a number of years, and has become the SPACE coordinator for the show.  He has been encouraging other members of the group to attend the show, and this year, five of us did!  Ray J., Trent, Scott, Andre and Adam made the trip and met Ley at the event.  Most of us brought creations to display at the show, and as such, received some accolades for our efforts.

Ray J. won the Best in Technic award for his Concrete Truck:

Scott won the Most Delightful award for his SNES System:

(image soon to be posted)

Adam won three awards: Best Small Steampunk for his Punkin' Roadster:

Best Micro Moonbase for his Lime Building:

And the Filet Mignon Award (which recognizes the best use of Pigs and Cows as part of the Pigs vs. Cows theme of the show) for his Pigs vs. Cows Chess :

It was a great trip and a great time had by all!  A big thanks go out to the Brickcon staff for all their hard work, and to Ley for encouraging the five of us to get our butts out there!  SLUG represent!

NOTE: There were many Al Pacino sightings over the weekend at the show.  Who knew he liked LEGO?