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Upcoming SLUG events

Posted by adam dodge on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, In : Misc. 
Since the cancellation of the Regina Model Train Show this fall, it has been a bit of a continuing 'slow news day' for us as a group.  However, we are looking forward to a number of things we have planned in the next few months!  Here is a quick run-down of some of our upcoming events and programs for the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013!

Our next meeting!  This will be taking place mid-December in Meacham this year!  Our bi-monthly meetings are a chance to catch-up with one another, talk...
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Regina Show: Cancelled

Posted by adam dodge on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, In : Show Info 
Due to events out of our control, the Regina Model Train Show has been cancelled for this year.

The reasons for this have not been explained to us fully at this time.  The group that organizes the show, the Regina Model Railroaders, hope to have things in place for a show next year.  A new venue has been suggested for next year's show.

We are disappointed that we will be unable to showcase our work in Regina this fall.  Our next scheduled show is not until February 2013 in Saskatoon, but hopefu...
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Fan videos!

Posted by adam dodge on Monday, August 27, 2012, In : Misc. 
We were very fortunate to have a good turn-out for BRCIKSPO this year (1435 people as previously mentioned).  However, we never expected to find ourselves posted on Youtube!

A big THANKS goes to user sasklegoboy on Youtube who posted two videos from the show!  In the first video, he takes a tour around some of the tables looking at the creations that interest him.  The second video is a collection of stills from the show set to a hip-hopin' soundtrack!  Check them out!

1 -
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Regina Show building challenge!!!

Posted by adam dodge on Monday, July 30, 2012, In : Building Challenge 

Our BRICKSPO building challenge was a hit with seven... and then eight, entires!  Thoughts now turn to future challenges with the next one being for our Regina Train Show appearance (after that Saskatoon, and then BRICKSPO again).

This is going to be a SEED PART CHALLENGE!  The challenge: build something which features a specific Lego piece.  Your piece to use is: Lego brick seperator!

- use the new, the old, or both brick seperators for your creation
- use as many or as little as you ne...

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Posted by adam dodge on Monday, July 30, 2012, In : Show Info 
This past weekend was BRICKSPO, our first solo showcase!

We had twelve builder's invovled in this year's show and over 270 creations!  It's difficult to say for sure, but hundreds of thousands of bricks were on display for everyone to see.

We weren't too sure how many people would come out to see us, frankly, we would've been pleased with a turnout of family and friends.  After the two day event, the Western Development Museum let us know that 1,435 people came through the door!

As well, we were...
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SLUG Forum

Posted by adam dodge on Thursday, July 19, 2012, In : Misc. 
We're set up with a free forum!  It'll be a chance to discuss things and share ideas between meetings.  Join the conversation here:

Keep building!
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BRICKSPO building challenge!!!

Posted by adam dodge on Sunday, June 17, 2012, In : Building Challenge 

Saskatchewan Lego Users Group's biggest event of the year is a little over five weeks away!

As we've mentioned before, we'll have LOTS of creations by our members.  Almost every theme, and then some, will be represented!  We're also going to hold our third group building challenge!  For this, we decide upon something to build and our efforts are voted on by the viewing public.  for our third challenge, we've chosen...
Give a fig a home!

Build something that a collectible Lego minifigure would ...

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Coming soon... BRICKSPO!!!

Posted by adam dodge on Tuesday, June 12, 2012, In : Show Info 

We're now just 45 days away from this summers BEST (and likely ONLY for that matter) local Lego event... BRICKSPO!

This show will feature the most number of our SLUG members to date!  There will be tons of creations spanning all of the known, and some unknown, LEGO themes!  From large to small, we've got it all!

See our BRICKSPO page for all the information!

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Moose Jaw Train Show round up

Posted by adam dodge on Friday, March 30, 2012, In : Show Info 

This past weekend (March 24th - 25th) SLUG took part in the THUNDER CREEK Model Train Show at the Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw.  Our display contained over 90' of train track and many different themes.  Seven of our members took part in this show, creating various aspects to the layout:

- Ray M.'s alien holiday grew with the addition of new ships ADU soldier craziness.
- Nathan and Ley brought their EPIC Area 51 layout with some new additions.
- Scott added to his city-square with...

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Moose Jaw Show - THIS WEEKEND!!!

Posted by adam dodge on Tuesday, March 20, 2012, In : Show Info 
Whoa!  Deja vu!

This weekend (March 24th - 251th) is our second show of the year, not to mention our second in two weeks!!!

We have a 44 foot linear display planned for this show!  Seven AFOL's built creations for this show and we're happy to show them off!  It should be pretty awesome!  Many different styles and themes will be represented, so there will be something for everyone to see!

We are happy to return to the Thunder Creek Model Train Show (our thrid time) which is hosted by the Western ...
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Saskatoon Train Show round-up

Posted by adam dodge on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, In : Show Info 
This past weekend (March 10th - 11th) SLUG took part in the ALL ABOARD Train Show at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.  Our display measured 0ver 48' long and was 16' wide in some areas.  Eight of our members took part in this show, creating various aspects to the layout:

- Nathan and Ley brought there astounding Area 51 layout complete with it's hanger, HUGE spaceship and desert scene.
- Scott completed as city-square with stores and activity all over the place.
- Adam brought a West...
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Saskatoon Show - THIS WEEKEND!!!

Posted by adam dodge on Monday, March 5, 2012, In : Show Info 
This weekend (March 10th - 11th) is our first show of the year!

We've got a MASSIVE display planned for this show with over 338 square feet of member-created goodness!  Seven of our members are building towards this show, so there will be many different styles shown!  It's going to be GREAT!

The show is hosted by the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon and will be open from 9am - 5pm each day.  All of our members will be there to talk with about our display and to answer any questions someo...
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T-minus 1 month!

Posted by adam dodge on Monday, February 13, 2012, In : Show Info 
We are but ONE MONTH away from our first of 3 springtime shows!

Our Saskatoon show is first up on March 10th - 11th!  This will be our first official attendance as a group at the show!  This event will showcase the work of no less than 8 of our members!  We will have a large train layout, as well as a fairly substantial table full of other large or small creations!

Our next show follows two weeks later in Moose Jaw, March 24th - 25th.  7 builders will add their work during this show in a very l...
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